About us

Improving banking relationships, one interaction at a time

We want to be the most trusted provider of Banking Relationship Management capabilities. Our platform should help our customers build meaningful relationships with their customers, based on our shared values of Simplicity, Trust, Diversity and Collaboration. We create innovation at scale and define a better way of working for our customers.

Our values

How we work

We value many things, but there are a few that truly inspire us. Trust, simplicity, collaboration, and diversity.


Trust is the foundation we build upon. We earn the trust of our customers and their consumers by ensuring the platform is secure, scalable and always available.


We are simple to do business with. Our products are easy to set up and intuitive to use.


We work together to get things done. We are partners to our customers and help each other improve for the betterment of the whole.


To serve a diverse whole, diversity itself must be embraced. We build a better platform by listening to different ideas, perspectives and opinions in all phases of the development of our product and company.

Meet our team

Sohail Sikora
Founder & CEO

Sohail hails from Hyderabad, India but came to the United States to pursue the American dream. He has spent the last 25+ years holding a variety of roles in application and software development. He resides in Los Angeles, CA with his family but has spent most of his time in NJ. When he is not working, he can usually be found in the kitchen where he loves to cook up a storm for his family and friends. He also loves swimming, tennis and debating life with his college attending daughter.

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Jason Stone
Co-Founder & CTO

Jason has spent the past 21+ years building large scale systems for Financial Services and Pharma companies across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Originally hailing from Ontario, Canada, Jason now calls Boulder Colorado home. In his free time he enjoys traveling, any activity involving water, road biking, and occasionally jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

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Alyene Schneidewind

Jacob is originally from Rhode Island and lives in Brooklyn, NY. He graduated from UCONN with a double major in Mathematics and Statistics. After graduating he taught himself, the basics of software engineering and is interested in furthering his development as a full-stack engineer. In his free time he loves to watch movies and cook.

Alyene is the Chief Performance Officer of LogicMonitor, where she is responsible for human resources, talent acquisition, real estate, strategic partnerships, and company initiatives. Prior to joining LogicMonitor, Alyene served as a Chief Revenue Officer at Salesforce. She also served as Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, where she led the company’s most advanced technology integrations and go-to-market initiatives with market-leading technology companies.