Banking + CRM = Banking Relationship Management, defined

Our next-gen platform - BankWaale™ (pronounced Wah-Lay), is built keeping in mind the connections between the ABCs of the CRM and Banking world -Accounts | Banking | Customers. We strive to eliminate the chasm that exists between the back office and the front office, bring the bankers closer to the customers and allow you to focus on building deep relationships based on Trust and Customer Service.

Screenshot of BankWaale banking software.

Why BankWaale, Why Now?

An omni channel solution for Awareness, Acquisition, Operations and Support.

Board meeting for marketing purposes.


Bringing in new customers and increasing the total value of existing customers is a vital part of a successful business. In 2020, 5-15% of bank budgets were dedicated to marketing.¹ Every dollar spent generated $18.34 in 2018,¹ leaving us asking why marketing stands separate from banking platforms. Separate platforms increase cost, and the complexity of systems across banks and CUs. Complexity is the bane of innovation.


As of March ‘22, only 48% of CUs offer online member applications and only 60% offer new loans online.² With  increasing digital demand, these numbers should be higher. The average customer acquisition cost for a FI is between $200 to $400 per customer, yet half of Americans use two or more FIs for their financial needs.³

BankWaale™ is simple in all aspects of customer acquisition, from opening deposit accounts to credit cards and loans. This allows FIs to spend less time focusing on gathering data and more time building successful relationships and increasing their share of wallet.

A credit union representative handshaking a new client.
Man using his credit card to make transfers on his phone.


Hesitation to upgrade core systems has slowed the progress of tech and availability of services in banks and CUs. As of March ‘22, less than 38% of CUs offered external account transfers, 41% offered mobile payments and only 67.5% offered bill pay.² In the age of digital wallets and money transfer services, banks and CUs are missing a fundamental service.

BankWaale™ provides, among other things, a full suite of tools to help make the customer and banker experience a joy. Due to its shared platform design, a customer can get instant access to the status of their application and directly communicate with the banker in the Customer Self Service App. All of this is connected to your existing Core using an API layer that is built and maintained by BankWaale™.


Consumers today expect a digital experience. The number of digital banking users is expected to reach 217M by 2025.⁴ As the demand grows, 75% of banks and CUs are increasing innovation budgets¹. So where is the best place to place this investment? Industry specific solutions that allow Banks and CUs to delight their customers will garner the most investment.

Customer support should be simple and available everywhere they go. With BankWaale™, multiple avenues are available including web, mobile app, phone, web-chat, SMS, Business Messengers and eventually using VR for your Metaverse presence.

Customer Service Representatives working in an office.

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